Payment on Delivery Notice

PLEASE NOTE: If you have placed your order and opted for payment on delivery, please pay your delivery fee to the payment details provided on your order-completed page, or CLICK THIS LINK TO MAKE PAYMENT. When the rider arrives, please make payment for your order to the same account details provided. Do not ask for the account details of the rider as our riders do not accept payment directly. Payment can only be made directly to the account details given, immediately the package is received. Please not that we do not offer payment on delivery outside Lagos for now. Thank you for choosing

Hello our awesome customers.

We love our customers and we always appreciate your patronage, however, we have experienced customers who place orders and confirm to us that their order should be dispatched, but when the package arrive its destination there is no one to receive it because the customer either isn’t picking up their call, doesn’t have money to pay and the list goes on, we have heard quite a number of excuses 🙂 .

It is important to note that we pay for these items to be delivered to you (wherever you are located) so in cases like this, we loose money.

We are a growing business and if we are going to stay in business we have to make a change. Hence we are adding another step to our Pay on delivery option.

Customers will still get to pay for the items when it is delivered to them but for your order to be processed and dispatched for delivery, you will now be required to pay the delivery fee upfront via online transfer.

Please note that you can shop and checkout as normal, but after submitting your order, details on how to pay for the delivery will be displayed to you. Your order will be processed once the payment is received and confirmed. Also note that if payment is not received within 24hrs after the order was placed the order will be cancelled.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused as a result of this, but we trust that if you are really interested in buying the item, you won’t mind paying the delivery fee upfront.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or for more info.

Thanks for your continued patronage.. We appreciate and love you all 🙂 .